Xenite Retreat: The Best Weekend of Your Life

Image credit: http://hercules-xena.wikia.com/wiki/File:Xena_and_Gabrielle_furies.jpg
Heather and Tanya at the Amazon Dance Party
Nation Banners in ‘Meg’s Tavern’
Brave Xenites making the Leap of Faith
Tanya left (as Purple-Haired Xena), Robyn (as Gabrielle) and Caitlin (as Xena) at the Cosplay Competition
Photo Credit: Steven L. Sears
Thank you Veesa — this is amazing!
Tanya (as a cowgirl for reasons) with Steven L. Sears



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We (Tanya and Kaela) are two fans and academics who study how fans help and support each other and their communities.