Black Panther as Pedagogy

Image Credit: Marvel, Theatrical Release Poster
T’Challa with his arms spread as Black Panther, gif from Giphy
  1. Students will be able to analyze the importance of culture in the fictitious country of Wakanda including how culture affects human interaction.
  2. Students will be able to identify and explain how social structures such as institutions, roles and groups shape human behavior.
  1. How does the film Black Panther showcase Black excellence without exploiting or tokenizing the Black experience? In particular Black Panther connects Black immigration and social justice issues. When films include diverse characters, typically representation is limited to one character who is asked to stand in or represent an entire group as a “token” minority figure. Black Panther overcomes this trope. Discuss how and why this is important and significant.
Shuri and T’Challa greet one another; gif from Giphy
Okoye kicks butt at the night club; gif by Giphy
Image credit: Ytasha L. Womack book cover; available here:
Image Credit:
Killmonger enters Wakanda’s council room; gif by Giphy



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We (Tanya and Kaela) are two fans and academics who study how fans help and support each other and their communities.